Want to have shiny hair? Make yourself a drink!

… Or rather give it to your hair! You might not believe this, but some of the most common beverages are great for your hair!


Healthy Tea For Healthy Hair

Teas are rich in antioxidants and vitamins that make your hair soft and smooth and each tea has a different effect on the hairThis is how you can prepare them to rinse your hair:

  • Use two bags ( alt. 2 teaspoons) of your chosen tea and steep them in two cups of hot water
  • Once the tea is ready, remove the bags and let the tea cool
  • Wash your hair and condition
  • Right before you step out of the shower, pour the cool tea through your hair
  • Squeeze out any excess tea and let your hair air dry
  • Repeat twice a month to see results

1. Chamomile Tea For the Blondes

Do you have naturally blond hair? Or maybe you have chestnut tresses and want to give them some  golden highlight? The Chamomile Tea is well known for having a lightening effect on the hair and will make the blond shine even more!

2. Black Tea For Brunettes

Don’t worry dark haired sisters, we haven’t forgotten you! Get yourself some English breakfast or Assam  tea to deepen your colour and make it even more shiny! Plus it adds the shine and gives you the antioxidants to prevent breakage - it’s a win - win!

3. Green Tea For Weak hair

Green tea is the superhero amongst all teas - it has the highest antioxidant content, plus it has anti - inflammatory qualities and will help you get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp. Not only that, but it has amino acids and panthenol, which will strengthen the follicles and stimulate hair growth.

4. Not a tea person? Try coffee!

This is the perfect rinse for coffee lovers and people who love the smell of coffee. If you are a brunette, a coffee rinse can enrich your hair color, making it look lustrous and fabulous. And in addition the smell of coffee removes any odour from the hair - like the little cups of coffee beans they put in perfume stores: Coffee just “sucks” the smells leaving your hair cleaner than ever!


5. Need something stronger? Beer is also great!

Beer is also a well known hair improving beverage. It contains significant amounts of magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, biotin, and the whole vitamin B complex! However, here you don’t want to use it as a final rinse, because it will coat your hair and make it look dirty.


Before you use beer it’s important to de-carbonate it - pour a bottle or can of beer into a jug or bowl and let it sit overnight or throughout the day.

Beer becomes flat by releasing the carbon dioxide it creates. It's important that the carbon dioxide is gone from the beer when using it to treat hair because the presence of carbon dioxide can hinder the effects of shampoos and make it harder for you to wash your hair effectively. After the beer is ready, shampoo your hair and rinse it. Soak the excess moisture with a soft towel. Then pour enough beer to coat the hair well and start massaging it on the scalp.It’s nice to leave it like this for 30 minutes or more if you have the time. Condition and rinse it as usual.


6. If you like it hardcore… try vodka

This antiseptic drink is surprisingly good for your hair. Vodka is one of the most popular ingredients for homemade beauty remedies in Russia.

  • Add one tablespoon of vodka to two cups of water and use this as a final rinse.It lowers the Ph levels of the water and helps the cuticle scales to close to leave your hair smooth, frizz-free, and shining. 

  • Use a more concentrated rinse (1 Cup water + 1 Tablespoon Vodka) once a month to clarify product build up and keep your locks healthy and your scalp free of dandruff - the alkohol dissolves all the styling products and grease and also kills the bacteria, that cause dandruff. 

Be careful not to use Vodka too often - after all it is alcohol and overdosing might lead to dried out hair.

Cheers and have a perfect hair day!