10 Simple Rules to Prevent Your Hair From Getting Tangled

Does it take ages to comb through your hair in the morning? Does every blow of the wind make a total mess out of it? It’s a nightmare.

But don’t worry - sometimes the solution is much more simple than you think!

RULE Number 1: Hydration is the key

When your hair doesn’t have enough moisture, the cuticles are open, the hair texture is rough and it gets easily tangled. I know you hear this all the time, but what you need to do is

Drink More Water! And no, soda and tea don’t count - you need pure water in order to keep your body (and hair) properly hydrated.

Water is essential for all the vital processes in our body and if it’s not enough the smart mechanism which keeps our organism running takes the moisture from all the “not-that-important” parts, like the hair and nails.

How much should you drink? Just multiply your weight by 30 ml - so if you weigh 55 kg you will need at least 1650 ml water daily. And even more if you have a more active lifestyle.


RULE Number 2: Keep Away from Hot Water

Everyone loves showering with boiling hot water, but, remember, your hair most certainly doesn’t - the steam opens the cuticles and makes the hair frizzy and harder to comb through.

During the Winter it’s hard to resist a hot shower, but at least keep the water lukewarm when you rinse your hair. And the best would be to get a quick cold water rinse in the end - just on the lengths, it will make your hair much shinier.


RULE Number 3: Don’t skip the conditioner

Don’t have time to wait for conditioner when you’re taking a shower? Come on, it only takes 5 minutes! It seals the moisture in the hair and it really is essential if you want your hair sleek and shiny.


RULE Number 4: Careful with the towel!

How do you towel dry your hair? Just get a towel and vigorously rub it around?

Wrong! You need to be more gentle - just take a very soft and fluffy cotton or microfiber towel and push it carefully over your hair to soak the excess water. Then cover your hair and let it air dry as much as possible

RULE Number 5: If you HAVE to use the hair dryer

If you don’t have time to wait for the hair to dry naturally make sure not to use the highest temperature for your blow dryer. Before drying it, put on something to prevent the loss of moisture - some hair crystals or oil on the ends, leave in conditioner or Blow Dry spray - so many options!

Before blow drying, make sure to comb your hair well with a detangler brush - this way you will speed up the process and won’t have the hair exposed to the heat for too long.

Finish with a cold stream (Most modern devices have this function).


RULE Number 6: How to brush your hair

  • Never brush wet hair with a normal plastic brush - use a brush, specifically made for wet combing like The Golden Brush 
  • Try brushing your hair in the shower with conditioner on. Best use a comb with sparse teeth.
  • Invest in a good barrel brush for blow drying - a ceramic barrel releases negative Ions, which keep the cuticles closed and adds shine.
  • Use a natural boar bristle paddle brush before bed. This is the secret for beautiful hair from old times. The natural oils in the bristles condition the hair, making it healthy and shiny.

RULE Number 7: Protect your hair while you sleep

If your hair is very long, you can braid it to keep it safe and untangled while you sleep. You can also wear a night bonnet.


RULE Number 8: Silk is your Hair’s best friend!

Silk is a great material for both your hair and your face - a silk pillowcase is known for preventing wrinkles and hair breakage. Since silk pillows are quite expensive, you can just get a silk cap and wear it while you sleep. If you often tie up your hair in a ponytail or braid it, you can also choose silk hair ties - they will not damage your hair and keep it healthy.


RULE Number 9: Avoid hair products with Alcohol - they are drying and harsch to the hair and strip the natural oils from it. Shampoos that make the hair “squeaky clean” cause the cuticles to open and make your hair get dirty faster. Choose one that has oils to condition the hair.

And also: avoid spraying perfume on your hair - the alcohol will dry it out if you continuously do this. If you struggle with oily hair and have to wash it more than twice a week, put shampoo only the roots and massage until you get it foamed up. Than rinse, without touching the lengths

Deep clean the hair only once a week and it will be much more hydrated and it won’t look oily!

RULE Number 10: Trim your ends every month

Don’t just say “I’m growing my hair” and leave it untouched for months, trimming just a tiny bit of the ends will make the hair stronger and will help you grow it better. If you skip the hair salon for months the split ends will get higher along the hairs and in the end you will cut more of it, than if you had cut it earlier.

So, it doesn't sound that hard, right? Now just follow these simple rules and enjoy your lovely sleek hair!